Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Bang for your Buck at Beacons Closet

The past couple of weeks I have been cleaning out my closet and bringing the stuff I don't wear to Beacons Closet.
Before I discovered the magic of swapping and Salvo (as my boyfriend so lovingly calls it) I did a lot of my shopping at Conways. I have found that if you take the tags out of your cute Conways clothes Beacon's closet will buy it from you (at a much higher price) shhhhhhhh

I think I need to make my blogging has to be more frequent.

Last Sunday I went to Nichelle's Fashion Swap Meet at Madame X. Downtown.

It was awesome! I got some sweet vintage dresses (yes, Pics to come),
Wicked Leopard print Nine West rain boots (I wore them today during that hurricane/monsoon/ socks still got soaked)
and a handmade trench coat + A lot more.

Village Voice was there taking really prepared me for when I'm famous and surrounded by the Paparazzi.
I quite enjoy the attention.

I feel like I have a little swap family now. It is quite comforting to see the same people one or two times a month in a fun and social setting.

Don't forget guys:

Saturday - Really Free Market at St. Marks Church
Sunday-Brooklyn Clothing Swap Meetup

August 5th (Two days after my birthday) Meghann's Birthday Party/Clothing Swap!

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