Friday, August 17, 2007

Fall/Winter Wishlist

My goal is to find all these items at swaps and while thrifting. Sometimes Ebay.
This list will be crossed off, edited, and Modified.

1. Leopard Print hoodie
2. Nice brown leather belt Christian Dior - Housing Works Bag Sale
3. Small black vest H&M -Pass the Pants Swap
4. Brown flat boots and Taupe boots with low heel Vintage - EBay
5. Large white leather bag
6. Vintage cinch belts
7. Cropped Cardians1 Gray -Need Black, blue, brown, green
8. Long chain necklaces.2 Big jewelry Lots on EBay
9. Leopard Print hoodie
10. Leggings/tights in : Brown, Purple, and Navy Blue
11. Shift/tent dress (with short puffy sleeves)
12. Blue (Like turquoise) skinny Jeans
13. More Flats that don't hurt!
14. Gray Converse
15. Over the Knee Boots
16. Funky big chunky Sweater that ties around waist 1 Yellow @ Salvo 1 @ my swap, 1 black one at Bag sale
17. T-Strap Pumps


Katie said...

Love it :) And now I'm going to make my own Wish List on my blog...

Frasypoo said...

I will post the LV bag.
I want fabulous designer jeans at .99 cents !!!!But I wish I cold find black shorts!