Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday August 15th

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Salvation Army Day!
I was going to also go to the gym and take a trampoline class before work, thus the no makeup look.

I am also over the tube dress I am wearing - Even after losing all the weight months ago i still think i will be fine in a size medium - Not the case!

Black Tube Dress from a store called Danice-$2.99
Banana Republic Jeans-FREE @ my first swap!
Blue shoes-$3.99 Thrfited

The cardigan I am holding is from the Wherehouse sale.

My best finds? A Mark Jacobs button up shirt for $3 and a vintage leather coach bag for $5.

Today I couldn't help myself - I stopped in a Salvo by the train station and picked up a Vintage Doony and Burke Bag that I am in love with for $6 and a sequin dress that I drool over when on the hanger - but not sure where I will wear it. - We shall see


Melody said...

I've really been thinking about your swap suggestion. How did you organize your first swap? Would you mind posting an entry for us newbies interested in starting our own swap?

PS - Vintage Coach and Dooney! I'm so envious!

Frasypoo said...

I found a vintage Dooney and vintage LV for $1 each!!!And a LV pochette for $25.00.Also Uggs for my husband for$25.00!