Friday, July 20, 2007

Out Tonight?

This past Monday I went to an open call audition for RENT the National TOur.
It has been a long time dream of mine to play the Mimi Marquez
The AIDS ridden, Heroin addict, stripper.

What does one wear to an auditon such as this?
When is dressing the part too much?

I must admit I do have the signiture Lepord Print boots ($5 at Square One in Manhattan Mall) I mean I just had to have them for fun, but I didn't wear them!

I settled on torn jeans and a black tank, knowing I had the backup outfit of short shorts, fishnets, and boots in my bag.

Would dressing like that make me seem less sweet and more mimi-esq while I sang my 8 bars?

Whose to say.

Maybe I should have repped Rosario Dawson (see above)

I'm overtierd and have lost my point.

and then read Harry Potter

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Cupcake Queen said...

Thanks for the kind words!