Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bags - weeee

I found a cool new thrift store - I'm keeping it as my little secret but I got some sweet little goodies there today. I didn't have much time before the store closed but here are some of my finds...(I also threw in a couple of things I found at Salvo this morning) -Woo Hoo

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Vintage black Tunic/shirt-$1

Brown makeup bag/little wallet-$1

Red Plastic shipping bag with inside zipper pocket-$1

Red Vintage shoulder bag-$3

Brown Clutch with Gold Chain strap-$2.99

I thought I might re-sell the shirt, but then I tried it on with my big black thrifted belt. Now I heart it:

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The photo is grainy but you get the idea - this shirt makes me excited for fall, I always dread the end of summer.

*Le Sigh*

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Frasypoo said...

My fav is the red bag !So cute