Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday August 25th

I got this dress at the first day of the bag sale on Thursday. I wore it TO the bag sale on Saturday when my lovely boyfriend decided to come along and see if there we any suits that may fit him - There weren't, but he did acquire 3 very nice button up shirts.

I love this dress, it is so me, unfortunately I spent the day picking up the straps because I was exposing my bra to everyone in the East Village. When my friend/co-worker Rachael called me later in the day to come to a friend of hers house (The girl was giving away mountain of clothes, bags, and shoes) I changed into my Bitten Shorts and an American Apparel oatmeal colored wife beater.

Old Navy Dress-Bag Sale
Vintage Dooney and Burke purse-$6 @ Salvation Army
Shoes are Payless
Sunglasses are Forever21

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