Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thurday, Friday, Saturday Fash 'ON

I've been in prop shopping craziness all week, but that doesn't stop me from my shopping and swapping!

I am officially hired to costumes and now props for Bye Bye Birdie. I am too excited to deal with myself. I can't wait to start, i will probably need help dating clothes to make sure they look authentic to the early 60's.

I got my haircut on Thursday! I always like to dress fun when I go down to Soho, it's like I am playing a part.
I got this black polka dot jumper at Salvation Army on Wednesday. It's another thing I own marked a size 14.

T-Shirt- Don't remember
Jumper-$1.50 @ Salvation Army
Leggings -$4.99@ J&J
Boots - EBay

My boyfriend has been going out actually buying all the props this week. Each day I had him a list and off he goes.

On Thursday I didn't leave work until 8:30pm - not to bad except we had to be at first rehearsal at 8:15 am - Yuck. Dinner was Wendy's- how could we resist?

Friday was the first day of rehearsals for the play in California.
It's all fun but exhausting and a lot of work. At least we get free lunch!

Seven For all Mankind jeans- Warehouse Sale
Yellow T-shirt-$1.99 @ Danice
Boy Scouts button up -$1.00 @ Salvation Army (little boys section)

I have been scouting the little boys section at Salvo for the perfect tiny blazer. No dice yet but it's only a matter of time.

Saturday was an outdoor bag sale AND a clothing swap
here I am with my baby pink granny cart.
I should have whipped out my camera when a woman placed her baby in one of the big clothing bins - but when people started passing out I knew it was time to go. I managed to fill 2 bags (I always say I'll only fill one)I got a bunch of vintage bags including a huge vintage Coach messenger bag I also got a pair of killer black cowboy boots - A lot of it will go for re-sale

Brown GAP Top-$15.0@ Salvation Army
Yanuk Jeans-$2.50 @ Salvation Army
Louis Vuttion Bag- Warehouse sale
Marc Jacobs Flats


Joyce said...

I like your new haircut! I had my hair done a week or so agoa and it looks pretty similair! You gotta wear it in a know now, it is handy and cool...

Joyce said...

know = knot :P

Vintage Bunny said...

Sounds like fun!
Your haircut looks great and I love the jumper.

Melody said...

Lovin' the hair! Coach - I'm so jealous!