Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Maybe One Day I'll Actually walk in the Store...

My parents live 3 blocks from a Bebe Store.

All through my Elementary, Junior High, and high school days I would walk by the windows of the store longing for the beautiful clothes.

These day's I snap pictures of the outfits in the window and add them to my mental wish list.

They change the windows so frequently and I never go in the store, this is the best reference I have!

I am crazy about Leopard print for fall, but I also know fast I get over trends. I love this halter dress though, and hope to find something similar at a more affordable price. (I don't even know how much it is, but I am guessing A LOT.)

This is a trench dress. I like the way they look but I am more interested in the big heart necklace.

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