Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Back!

After 2 weeks of being varying types of ill I finally feel better. We are all moved in to our new apartment - with the exception of a closet full of my stuff that needs to come to the new place. I have been busy working at my production office as well as at the Hilton - But I just hired a new office manager at my office so I should be weening my way out soon. I already have this coming Thursday off and unlike last Thursday I don't plan to spend the day throwing up but cuddling my corgi Sophie.

Here are some of last weeks outfits. I don't remember what day is what.

How about this attractive picture of me and my beloved Candy Apple from the farmers market

This is why I love Brooklyn.
This sale was a little too far away from me to go to that day - but I'm sure it was awesome

On Saturday I put on heels that I never wear and did a photoshoot in my beloved new closet

Look, now I can tape all my favorite shows and watch them later!! Woo Hoo DVR!
The shirt I am wearing is from H&M but I gt it at Salvation Army for $1.50 - last week when I popped into H&M to buy myself something "new" I saw the shirt for $24.50 - I was immediately turned off. I am so spoiled!

Hair Puffs!

Tis sweater jacket thing I got at a swap was too cute not to take a picture off - unfortunately I had to do it in my bosses bedroom.

Saturday was our Housewarming Party - So I wore my Diane Von Furstenburg I got at the Warehouse Sale!
I love this chair!

Sunday I went to a swap for Loren's birthday and came away with this lovely coat I wore yesterday. The Capizeo boots were a $12 find on Ebay. They are a little narrow but I love them! The LV is also from Ebay and it's real!

Last night I let Beren and my new roommate Ben pick out my outfit!
Pictures later!

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Vintage Bunny said...

I love your outfits and you look very happy at your new place!