Thursday, November 15, 2007

In The Past Week...

In the past week the following has taken place...

-An ex-roommate has continued to annoy me from afar
-A clothing swap I organized went horribly wrong
-A HousingWorks Warehouse Sale where I felt like it -*GASP*- Bought TOO much
-My Swap hero e-mails me
-My union expels me
-All of Broadway goes on strike

I still have photos awaiting to be post.
And my clothing store is almost ready to be functional as soon as I can get the correct categories out to Beren's uncle.

But at least I managed to do a rough draft of the Bye Bye Birdie Prop List....

1 comment:

ismoyo said...

Hey lady,
I went to the Housing works warehouse sale too, bought way too much things also! ;)
Been checking your blog from time to time, never left a comment before i think. Love how thrifty you are!