Saturday, January 26, 2008

I <3 Marc Jacobs

On Monday my friend Danielle and I went to the Marc Jacobs store. It was my first time! I bought the beautiful blue tote bag pictured below. It fits all my gym clothes and then some. So I love it.
I also bought a t-shirt and a pocket mirror shaped like a heart - all for under $50.
Here Is a a picture from Thursday when I had to be at Bye Bye Birdie callbacks.
I am wearing:
My Marc Jacobs pink and purple shirt $2
Brooks Brothers sweater vest-$2
Old Navy Jeans-$15

I <3 my bag.

Yesterday I worked at my old theatre where the Uniform is black pants and a white button down. Then they give us these little maroon vests to wear. I decided to wear some 70's costume jewelry and my little gray vest until I got to the actual theatre.

How dramatic!

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