Monday, January 28, 2008

I Dress Up For Honey Basted Chicken

This is a new sweater dress I got at H&M a couple of days ago. It's soft and it's comfy. Sunday was a co-workers birthday party at Dallas BBQ's and anyone who knows me knows I take any opportunity to dress up.

You can't see it but I am wearing my bejeweled headband from H&M
Click here for a picture of Eli from "I Spy Thrift Eye" Wearing it. She is the reason I have it!

I also played with the settings on Iphoto - I liked the effect.

In other news with winter still in the air my closet has become over run with bulky sweaters and jackets - so much so that I have now placed all my dresses on a garment rack in my room.

I like the look of it - Plus I feel like I'm shopping when I go to get dresses


soph n terr said...
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soph n terr said...

wow! i'm so jealous. looks like you have a lot of great pieces. my excess clothing is just strewn about my room... :/

Wendy said...

Cute outfit! Like you, I enjoy going to parties and dances because its another opportunity to get all dolled up.

Poster Girl said...

I had a garment rack in my room up until recently, it held all my seasonal items. You're right, it does feel like shopping. It's nice to have stuff out so you can find it easily.

Cee-Cee said...

ooh i think i have the same sweater dress in burgundy! i love it on you.