Thursday, January 31, 2008

Playing With Color

I am usually pretty bummy on Wednesdays. I do salvation Army runs in the morning, work 2 shows at the Hilton (sometimes with a Salvation Army run between shows) and by the end of the night I am exhausted.
This Wednesday I was only doing the Matinee and felt like doing something fun. I just have too many pairs of tights to not wear at least 1 pair a week.
My friend Danielle and I went out for Sushi after My thrid Salvation Army excursion for the day.
Find of the day? Diane Von Furstenbeg Capri pants for $1.

Dress-Marshalls? (I don't remember)
Boots and sweater - Salvation Army
Socks - Sock Dreams
Tights - Conways
Scarf - Swap
Bag - H&M

Today I wanted to wear the new 1960's boots I traded for at Beacons Closet last week. I also wanted to wear my new pink hat. I randomly picked all the other pieces of my outfit.
My Marc by Marc Jacobs tote is the perfect Gym bag!

H&M jeans and shirt -Salvation Army
Boots-Vintage from Beacons Closet
Hat and Sweater -Swap
Bag- Marc Jacobs Store

I also forgot to mention I went to THRIFTOn! a big swap held at a bar in SoHo. When I got there a girl recognized me from my blog and introduced herself! I felt famous!
If you are out there I forgot your name! comment here! You are my favorite!

My pink hat and blue scarf came from that swap. I also came away with some Marc Jacobs flats, an American Apparel over-sized cardigan, and an electric blue mini skirt. I'm sure all these items will make their debut soon!


Wendy said...

For some reason, I love the combination of royal blue and black! You wore the two so well! I love that outfit and am compelled to work something similar in the future.

Meghann said...

It's always tricky with blue and black but I'd rather experiment and get it wrong then play it safe

brad said...

Those outfits are crazy cute.

I just started a blog so add me if you wish

have a wonderful day

Camilla said...

Love that colour!!!

Sydney Speel said...

trade links ?

Psyche said...

Love both looks. The first is especially chic!