Thursday, February 7, 2008

60 degrees but Humid

I felt very uncomfortable in my outfit today.
But you can see how light my hair is in this picture.

Jeans-Bag Sale
Shirt- Free market?
Boots- Bag Sale
Bag & Earrings-H&M


Wendy said...

You look so good! I love the black and blue, and the vest.

Nykya said...

WOW! ur hair is LITE! It changes your whole look...

Meghann said...

Is that good? LOL.
I have to experiment with makeup a bit and tomorrow I'm gonna see how it looks curly

DadySewCool said...

Hello Fashionista,

I keep reading about this 'Conway's', so Iwent to the one on Fulton Street Mall, and was very surprised. The prices in that store are cheaper than even the flea markets! I even found out that there is one here in Queens, and I am going there shortly, to see if they have the same selection and prices. I even found men's shirts for one dollar!!
Good work


DadySewCool said...

Hello Fashionista,

After reading your blogs for awhile, I decided to check out this 'Conway's' in Fulton Mall. Well, the prices were soooo cheap that I couldn't believe it. Especially for women's hose. I even found out that there is one near my home in Queens, that I am going to check out in about an hour.
Thanks for the info. Love your shots.

Nykya said...

Oh no, its good, but it just makes u look sooo different. No diss! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well I think its a little too light for you...but if you can rock it then rock on!