Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Thrifting Adventure!

This Saturday I took a little Trip TO Long Island to visit my grandma and to go thrifting at Salvation Army and the only SAVERS in New York State!

I usually dress pretty casual when I am going thrifting. My shirt is from the $10 sale. It says: "A city built on Rock and Roll would be structurally unsound"
I do love my corny t-shirts. I layered it with an Ella Moss long sleeved shirt and Citizens of Humanity Jeans that are too big for me.

Um can we just talk about how awesome THIS IS?! I didn't go in because that would have been dangerous, but it makes me feel better to know it exists.

The best thing about this Salvation Army is the way they hang their pants. -No picture but they hang them on their sides so you can see the label and size.
The best thing about this store is their shoe selection. I got a pair of Aigner booties that are now on EBay
(More on Ebay later)
I also got a little boys navy blazer with gold buttons - I have been looking for one for ages!

I don't think I gave Savers a fair chance the first time I went here. Their prices are a little higher then Salvos but I did remember that they had an insane shoe department. I got a pair of Dark brown B. Altman and Co (I think this store closed before I was born) leather booties. I have not decided if I am keeping them yet or not.

It was a successful trip. Plus I got a bag of bracelets from my grandma who is bringing me more costume jewelry when she comes into Brooklyn in a couple weeks. Now I just have to learn to incorporate more jewelry into my outfits!

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JusBComingFrugalat21 said...

:-) i get such a rush when I see that you a little kid almost.l..but yes, jewelry and accessories are the icing to outfits