Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Little 70's Inspired

The last two days I have been adding a little but of the 1970's into my outfits.
I love love love my knit hat - I know I'm a little behind on that trend but it's still chilly enough outside to rock that trend.

Maybe it's the wide leg jeans that are making me feel retro. The first pair I am wearing are Seven for All Mankind Dojos I bought at Salvation Army for $6.
The second pair are Express Editor pants also purchased at the Salvation Army.
I have also been rocking my Louis Vuitton Speedy that I got from Ebay last spring.
I think this the only bag that I am actually attached to.
Not exactly healthy but whatever.

And look! I have bracelets now!


WendyB said...


Danielle M. Green said...

I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS!!! How did you find a real LV on EBAY

Sharonrosepixie said...

Yes-I'm attached to my LV speedy too, its amazing how much you can get in them-they go with practically any outfit too!

Kat said...

cute flats! they look very chic with your black jacket.

Meghann said...

Danielle - I researched a lone the difference between real and fake Louie Vuttions then used that o start bidding. I also looked for Vintage Speedys so I could find one for a lower price.
Mine is from the 1980's.