Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring and Sophie

There are more pictures where these came from.
I was a beautiful week (weather wise)
On Tuesday my grandma came to visit for her birthday and brought Sophie to visit.
I had to get her in a blog shot.

Housingworks stopped there warehouse sale and they now have a store open where clothes are $3 a pound. I went there Thursday Friday and Saturday and now have so much stuff for my EBay store I don't know when I will have the time to post it all.
But it shall all get done.


Nykya said...

Hey, \

Haven't commented in a while, but the news of "no more warehouse sale" got me in the mood? Ive heard of the by the pound system but never had the chance to shop it. How did it work out for you cost wise? Thanx for the news...I just always thought the Warehouse Sale would be there...:0(

Meghann said...

So far I love By the pound. It turns out to be the same price or Less. I found a lot of beautful things and there are still a lot of clothes on the floor but no one is knocking me in the face to get to them.