Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hard Times

I try to keep this blog just a place where I talk about what I am wearing and what I am wanting to buy in the future - but May has really changed a lot of things. I have been debating wether or not to put anything personal here but I have decided to - because I think blogging has really become one of my favorite ways to be creative. And rather then succomb to all the difficult things and let this blog go - I want continue to use it as an outlet and make it even better.

With all that nonsense said- my 2.5 year relationship is over and I have spent the past month uprooting myself to my parents house which has left me with little time to blog, put things in my ebay store, and even swap! In the next 2 weeks I will begin to sublet a friends apartment in Queens for the summer and I think being by myself will finally give me the time to focus on what I really want to be doing with myself.

Change is scary but I think it is all for the best. So look forward to some exciting things in June. Here are some pix/outfits from the past couple of weeks:

A fashion risk - I bought these bright blue skinny jeans at H&M (only $20!)and I am a little bit in love with them. The only bad thing is that they make such a statement I can't wear them as often as I would probably like to....or maybe I can.

This day I worked 2 shows at Young Frankenstein and walked around a food street fair in between shows.

I got this Plaid Shirt at Swap O rama rama (come to think of it, I got the jeans there also- They are Seven For All Mankind) and I'm in love with it. I think I've worn it 3 times already. It's from H&M a little over sized and so comfy.
This photo was taken by my friend Danielle at Buffalo Wild Wings - After dinner I promptly went to Dunkin Donuts to pick up snacks then to another friends house to watch American Gladiators.

On Saturday I went to see Indiana Jones I could not resist taking a picture in front of this High School Musical 3 Cut out. As you can see I am a big Vanessa Hudgens fan.
The American Eagle skirt is from the Salvation Army. Yay!

This picture is so me and I took it in Atlantic City on Monday Morning. Those are my oversized Sunglasses - I am holding my Venti Starbucks Ice coffee and I'm wearing my Target faux leather jacket.



selinaoolala said...

it's so nice to see such a big pretty smile , there aren't enough around on blogs!

ismoyo said...

Girl, Sorry to hear you're going through difficult times right now. Why is Love able to hurt so much? New adventures will be ahead for you. And Queens is fun too. Different than BK, but nice and still nearby! Keep ya head up.

Sharon Rose said...

Sorry to hear of your break up and your upheaval, but you sound very positive about the future and thats a good start to going forward. Love the turquoise jeans-be brave and wear them more!!

parttimepunk said...

Wow, you and Zac Efron sure look cute there! What a cute couple!
Those are some very loud pants - you should wear them more!

Grace said...

Am sorry to har about your break up. But you have a great attitude about it so you will be fine....
All the best..
Love the turqouise pants, l still have to see them down here in South Africa.

Melisa said...

Difficult times always lead to something better. Stay strong.

BTW, I love peeking into your blog and am so jealous at all the bargains you get. Apparently NY is the bargain capital of the world!

liznewark said...

Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about that. This is Liz (the girl that comes all the way from NJ for your swaps). I know you're strong and you'll make it through. I'm really sorry to hear that though. It's a shame that he's lost such a GREAT young lady in his life!