Friday, June 6, 2008

Tag Sale and Johnny Rockets

I spent the early part of the morning at a church tag sale collecting beautiful designer items to live in my closet. Including a pair of brand new pair of black Italian leather riding boots for $10 -Pictures soon.

I then spent the late afternoon with my friend Adam eating at Johnny Rockets in the village. They put cherry syrup in my diet coke! - Oh the simple things.

Black Tube Top -Old Navy
Black Gap Skinny Jeans - $1.99 (Salvation Army)
Flip Flops -$2.99
Cardigan - H&M
DVF for LeSportSac purse - Beacons Closet


Kimberly said...

What $10 boots??!! I am so jealous. Also, love that cardi. Super cute!

That Girl said...

Love the cardigan!

WendyB said...

Great cardigan.