Friday, August 15, 2008

4 Eyes

I got me some glasses on Tuesday and by Wednesday they were ready! I've decided I like them although they take some getting used to as they are my first pair of glasses ever.

When: Thursday at around 6:30pm

Where: Outside the the Hilton Theatre

What: LUX Tube top -Free from Monday's clothing swap
Yanuk Jeans -$5 at Salvation Army
$10 Sparkly Silver Flip Flops
$I <3 NY tote bag from Chinatown in 2001

1 comment:

DadySewCool said...

Not too shabby...

p.s. how do you like queens? I have lived in queens for over 50 years. we have stores in jamaica that sells brand new for salvation army prices. i might turn you on to them!