Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whatchu Gonna do? Wear Chanel?

This dress is on Ebay now.
I did feel like a princess for the 20 minutes that I had it on.

Claire Early gets all photo credit - She says I'm a difficult model - I believe her.


kat said...

did you by any chance go to the boerum hill salvation army tuesday or wednesday of this week? i donated stuff on tuesday and i had my eye on FOUR pairs of paige jeans which all fit me perfectly (size 27). unfortunately, i went back early today and they were all gone :(
i did that thing where you take the things you want and stuff them on a rack no one would look at.

note: for your tutorial, teach us how to take layaway into our own hands. as in, i want this max azria cocktail dress but don't want to carry it to dinner. where can i hide it in store until tomorrow? hah

this is actually only my second time actually buying stuff at sa versus just donating. the lot of paige denim makes me want to go more often...

Meghann said...

I didn't make it there this week!
Someone sure scored! That location always has the best denim!

I will surely talk about lay-away in my tutorial!

WendyB said...

Pretty dress!

Jill said...

what size is that dress? its so cute! anyway i love thrifting, check my site out!