Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yes I Did Go to 4 Salvo's Today

I've had this planned for week, my walking tour of Brooklyn and it's various Salvation Armies.

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Here is me and my Hop Stop Directions (Walking Only)
I must say, I have a new favorite location : close to my apartment, opens earlier, warehouse size!

My best and favorite finds of the day have become an outfit!

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Check out the filthy mirror and the green and blue Salvo tags.

Off White Vintage 60's jacket-$5
Ann Taylor Wide Leg jeans-$2.50
Some Designer brand Bustier top-$2.00

Those jeans will be getting a lot of wear!

Other goodies to be photographed soon.


Frasypoo said...

What great buys,I love them.The coat is so fabulous !I went to a salvation army for the first time on Wednesday.Will do a post on it

ambika said...

That jacket is a *score*. I've recently been drooling over white jackets. I am jealous.

lalaliu said...

Those are lovely buys! I recently had a thrift-venture and got tested my map reading skills of all these thriftshops near my house. I love thrift shopping!! What a great blog :D