Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blue Bass Vintage!

I did a quick Google search on Thursday out of sheer boardem and found a little vintage clothing store in my neighborhood. A 15 minute walk and I was there rummaging in their $2 bin.

I came away with a purse, Yellow dress (pictures after it is repaired) and these:

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They are so wild - in fact the brand is "Wild Pair"
They are so NOT me, and for this fact I love them, and want to wear them everyday!

I won't lie I also stepped into Salvo and picked these up. Sooooo happy they were still there after I left them behind on Wednesday

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lalaliu said...

those are such cute shoes!! sadly heels are not suited for my big clumsy feet. I live in southern california and I'm always looking for new thrifting buddies! lol.

Frasypoo said...

Love your haul !those yellow shoes would look cute with a black dress...very unexpected!

Melody said...

Love the shoes!!! I'm so jealous of both pairs. :)