Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend I went up to my grandmas house because she bribed me with a Corgi Puppy.
corgi's are my favorite dogs in the world! Behold cheap clothes and Sophie!

Beren made us these awesome hats out of Amtrak snack holders.

Sitting in the snack car is fun!

On Saturday Beren took me shopping at Salvation Army. I got a vintage Aigner purse, some funky earrings, and a sparkly top!

Blue American Eagle Cords-$2.50 at Salvation Army
James Perese Black Tank-$1.00 at Salvation Army
Purple H&M shirt-Free at Swap (don't know which one)
Black Purse-Vintage at Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal) -$1.75
SOPHIE 7 weeks old!

On Sunday Beren drove me to $1 Sunday at Goodwill. I got some cute vintage stuff and an IPOD holder I'm not too fond of- Whatever

James Pearse Tank-Bag Sale
Forever21 Capri's-$4.00 at Salvation Army
My grandma's standard Poodle -Nero



Frasypoo said...

Love the dogs and your lilac(?) tee

WendyB said...

Aw! Sweet puppy.