Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23rd - SWAP DAY!

Today was my third clothing swap! I was a little nervous because not only did I have 76 RSVP's but it was the first time I was having my mom help sort. In the end it all turned out well. I brought a massive bag of stuff and came away with about 5 really nice things. I am especially excited about the long sweater coat and Red leather Bally's wallet. Here are some pictures.

My lovely boyfriend helped me roll my stuffed suitcase from Brooklyn into Manhattan - he hates swaps so he hung out and picked me up afterwards. Doesn't he look thrilled?
I dressed him today - he is wearing and Old Navy shirt, Target Shorts, and a Hat he picked out at a bag sale (I lied he picked out his own shorts today)

I should try to do photos in the subway more often - They always look cool.

H&M Dress -$7.00 with Beacon's Closet Store Credit
Louis Vuitton - Wherehouse Sale
Marc Jacobs Flats- $5.99 @ Salvation Army
Black and brown tote- from Swap-o-Rama in April!

The Sorting Area

Too many small people - they had to move it to a larger table

I loved my sister's boots/socks combination - A MUST for Fall!

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