Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday September 22, 2007

Today was my clean and prepare for tomorrow's swap day.
I had nightmares all last night about how tomorrow's swap will go, and of course I woke up to an e-mail thread of "suggestions" from fellow swappers- who do not like that I charge $2 to cover refreshments and fees.

I am just not really interested in the "Freegan" way of living. I like money and I enjoy buying my food from the grocery store instead of rummaging through garbage bags in the front of Food Emporium on 30th street.

My Idol is Suzanne Agasi the founder and director of in California.

That is what I want my swaps to be! Events!

That is the end of my rant.

This picture I believe is true testament to my exhaustion - In fact it looks like I am about to fall over and fall asleep!

Dress (I think this is really a skirt...)- Wherehouse Sale
Marc by Marc Jacobs Flats- $5.99 @ Salvation Army <---- My favorite find of the Week!!

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- jesse said...

The NY Swaporamas charge a fee but they host sewing machines and free silkscreening tables and whatnot. I guess if you did something like that people wouldn't mind paying?