Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday September 20th

I have not been to the gym in week and a half but I've been noticing that my jeans have started to become baggy - Even when they are right out of the wash.

This agitates me -but would agitate me more if I had actually paid full price for them.

Here I am wearing what used to be an off white cropped jacket thing I got from a bag sale - except I dyed it a dark purple. I've decided I love dying clothes, and since I have discovered how to do it without making too much of a mess i will be doing more of it this weekend.
Since I have also figured out how to use my new vintage sewing machine (more on that tomorrow) I will also be attempting to alter clothes -We will see how that goes!

Hanes Wifebeater-Target
Hudson Jeans-$2.50 @ Salvation Army
Gray T-shirt - $1.99 @ Danice
Black Steve Madden Flats -$3.99 @ Goodwill.

On another note I found the Goodwill in my area and I will be stopping by this weekend.

On an even more exciting note I have been unofficially hired as costume designer for a huge production of Bye Bye Birdie here in New York. It's actually a paid gig- Meaning I may have actually found a way to shop as my job!

I've also been recruited to do costumes for a one act in November.
I am so excited!!


lalaliu said...

how exciting for your new job! you look totally cute as well :D

Melody said...

Congrats on the new job! Love the dye job on your jacket. The color looks great!

Vintage Bunny said...

I need to take lessons from you on dyeing
I have changed blogs
this is my new blog url
I' ve also changed names from frasypoo to vintage bunny!