Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Moving! & A show!

I'm moving to Sunset Park Brooklyn! - I am so excited!
It is the second floor of a cute little townhouse. The move begins this weekend!

I never do this, but I cropped my head out of my "going to sign the lease outfit"
Because I looked CREEPYYYY.

Skirt as dress- Warehouse Sale
Paired with black flats, Dooney & Burke bag, and white wifebeater.

Last night Rachael and I went to see my friend Andy Grammer play at Piano's on Ludlow street. He was amazing as usual. Then we had a mandatory photoshoot (with Beren of course)

I am wearing my favorite Ebay Taupe Boots ($11)
My H&M Black Vest from the "Pass the Pants Swap"
And my new levis that are too big on me, but I am in denial- Whateves!

Here is my friend Andy's music video - Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

hmm You must live near my relatives in brooklyn the area looks so familiar
do you have an elementary (or high school) school in front of you? is it near flatbush? I'm probably wrong
cute place!

Vintage Bunny said...

You have a cute place!!Congratulations !

WendyB said...

Congrats on your new place.

- jesse said...

Welcome! I'm in So.Slope near Sunset. (In the 20's) So we're almost-neighbors.


where is the salvation army place.. and the freemarket place? if you dont mind me asking. the only thrifty place i know is a thrift store near my house.. which is not that wonderful and beacons closet in brooklyn.
but i just cant believe u found marc jacob flats there!