Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thursday October 11th - 4th Swap

My swap on Thursday was a great success despite the rain. The Village Pourhouse proved to be an awesome location and I would love to do another one there.

The only bad part were some of the after comments I received. People want so much from me (garment racks, clothing sorters, etc) but they don't want to contribute anything. I could provide all these tings if I charged $10 per person and had a huge venue and lots of volunteers etc. As it is I only asked people to buy 1 drink (soda included) and most people didn't do that.

We will see how the November swap goes, I have big plans for a Holiday swap but it will all depend on how the next one goes.

On to the pictures!

It has become a little tradition for me to always wear a dress to my own swaps. As host I always feel I should look stylish and presentable.

Purple Dress- Beacon's Closet
Gray Cardigan-$1.50 @ Salvation Army
Necklace- EBay necklace lot
Tights- Conways $1.99
Cowboy Boots - Warehouse bag sale

I got some great things, including some shoes and a dress that will probably be used for Bye Bye Birdie.
And this green Beret that Loren Silber bought - That Beren is modeling

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