Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On The Weekend!


A nice cool fall day was my first opportunity to wear one of my new sweater coats (I have 4 now)- The tights were versatile because I could just pull my pants for ushering right over them

Mini Dress/Shirt- Free @ Thursday's swap
Tights- Bloomingdales?
Sweater coat- Free @ my 3rd swap
Necklace- EBay (vintage)
Vintage Boots- EBay


On Saturday I went to the Housing Works Warehouse Sale - it was a mob scene! But I did come away with 3 bags of clothes - tucked in there: 3 Diane Von Furstenberg dresses (2 I am keeping) and a Missoni skirt and shirt. Congratulate me - I didn't get 1 purse!

It was pretty cold, so I layered. Good thing to, as soon as i got in there and started digging for goodies - the layers came off.

-James Jeans from Open air sale
-Vintage Bonwit Teller turtleneck (cashmere) from Freemarket
-James Perse t-shirt- from Thursday's swap
-Converse- Gift


Beren and my sister and I all went out to Burger 67 to have Bosco (chocolate soda), curly fries and burgers! Burgers are my new obsession, but they have to be amazing. Good thing Bosco is hard to find otherwise I'd gain 20lbs from it!

James Jeans-Open Air Fair
Uggs - Bloomingdales (Full price! *GASP*)
RL t-shirt -$1 @ Salvation Army
Black Sweater - Local Stoop Sale discard
LV bag- Warehouse sale

Today I work at the Hilton again - The whole job gives me anxiety - there are too many positions and too many people - but I'm sure I will be fine

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