Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Party Madness

This picture is old, but it got lost in the shuffle. I know it was from the Wednesday before my party - So December 6 maybe? I just remember we all went out for Thai food between shows- I've Had those Arm Warmers since I was 17 - I got them at Webers for 99 cents - I have another pair some place also.

You can't go wrong with a Rainbow Brite shirt that says "Rollin with my Homies"
Notice how I am on my Sidekick (chatting away on AIM) and have a computer keyboard in my lap - SICK!
I am in my sisters room.

I love Salvation Army - I am in the zone here.

A Rainy day last week. I love my big Ghetto Heart earrings. I got them from H&M.

There were 2 holiday parties at work this week. This is the outfit I wore to the second one on Tuesday. The top cost me $2.99 at Charlotte Russe and I wore it with black leggings and black boots. I went in to the store ready to pay *GASP* FULL price for something but when the cashier told me it was $2.99 I actually said out loud "HOW MUCH??" - I am just drawn to the cheap I guess. That's my friend Danielle in the first picture. We are in the bathroom at the Hilton theatre.

This is before I went to the first party at a Karaoke lounge downtown. I wore black skinny jeans and BCBG booties. Check out my big heart bracelet - i think it was the most expensive thing I was wearing. It was a pretty awesome night.


Wendy said...

The color of the top you got from Charlotte Russe is really amazing! You look so cute all the time!

frubagirl100 said...

u r nuts ^.^

WendyB said...

LOL. That t-shirt is hilarious.