Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm starting a new blog - well a revolution really, to bring back proper Broadway Theatre etiquette. My fellow ushers and i were talking about it today before the show. The line has got to be drawn somewhere. Needless to say the Orchestra looked like a tornado had ripped through it by the end of the show. My personal pet peeve? Junior Mints ground in to the carpet.

Today I felt like not dressing like a bum. I often feel like my cuter outfits are wasted when I go to work because I change into this horrible oversize bellhop jacket (It's the HILTON Theatre) and black pants that are too big for me. Today I decided I would look cute for myself. I did some shopping in the morning (my secret Santa gift) and had brunch at Westway Diner - I now know what a firtatta is - and I LOVE it!

I ripped my black tights as soon as I put them on. That's why I pay $1.99 per pair - or maybe that's why they rip so easily? In any case life goes on.

I wear this purple dress all the time. I think it was the best $10 I've ever spent at Beacon's Closet. Here I am wearing it with and H&M cropped shirt I got at a freemarket and gray over the knee socks. The boots are from EBay and need to be repaired.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I fully plan to do some closet cleaning. I am hosting a clothing swap on Sunday and need to clean out to get ready for the new.

Hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!


Wendy said...

I like the outfit! I love the combination of purple and black.

liznewark said...

i have a bunch of questions, but there's no email listed to contact you. could you please email me with your email address.