Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fighting the Sick

I've been fighting getting sick for days now - I'm half winning and half losing. Everyone at the theatre has been calling out sick.
On top of that I haven't been eating correctly and have put on a couple of pounds. I'm generally uncomfortable, but I am excited about the New Year. I am kicking it off with a clothing swap tonight. My last of the year. I am so excited -It's seemed like forever since I had one, although it's only been about a month and a half.

A lot of Crown today. I've been wearing a lot of Brown and blue together. Crazy because in the beginning of the year I had no brown in my wardrobe.
I think along with my regular "resolutions" - I am going to make Fashion Resolutions.
I'm not sure what's going to be on there but any excuse to make a list and I'm there!

No one was home to take my picture - and I was running late so I couldn't set up my tripod. Lame I know but whatever. I love the French Connection shirt with the puffy sleeves and the little collar. I was feeling pretty crappy that day so I thought I would dress up a little.

Another day of feeling crappy, so another day of trying to look cute. I'm not very good at walking in heels so I practice whenever I can.

Most of my clothes this week came from Salvation Army.
The Oatmeal Banana Republic Sweater in this picture was from the last Warehouse I went to. I got very little but I got a couple of quality things. Like this sweater, a French Connection striped cardigan, and a vintage plaid dress.

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Wendy said...

You look really good in brown and also the combo of it with blue! I hope you're feeling better. Have fun at the clothing swap, can't wait to see what you return with!