Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last of '07 - Manolo, Swap, New Years Eve

I meant to make a post last night - because once a New year Starts I like to push the past behind me and move forward and try to be a little more optimistic.
I really ended 2007 with a bang. I had a wonderful time at my swap and I thought it went well - I even managed to cover all my expenses from the last 3 months, but there are always those couple of people who are never happy. The positive part of this is that I discovered how to delete people from my meetup group.

Here are a couple of pictures from the swap. It was held at The Breathing Project Yoga Studio in NYC.

My Dress is XOXO and I got it for $4.00 at Salvation Army. I wore it with my Vintage Taupe Boots from EBay.

Last Night I was not feeling 100%, but I refused to be home on new years eve again! (I was sick last year and fell asleep before midnight) So I got dressed up and went to a couple of parties with my friend Liz. The night was just the right amount of fun.
I got my shoes at a $5 shoe store and they didn't even hurt me until the very end of the night. I was impressed. Considering that they are still intact I do plan on wearing them again.

Skirt -$2 at a Street sale in Willamsburg over the Summer (The girl recommended I wear the skirt for New Years Eve so I have been saving it)
Bustier - Salvation Army - $2.00 That I got back in August
Tights -$1.99 @ Conways
Shoes -$5

I leave you with my find of 2007. I got them last Wednesday at Salvation Army.

Manolo Blahnik Booties for $13.99
And they weren't even half off
and they are my size.
I love New York

Happy New Year!


Wendy said...

Happy New Year! Your outfit for the party is gorgeous. You always have the best finds.

Nykya said...

...Those Blahniks r worth HOURS of "walking in heels" practice.

The Amonette's said...

Gawd, I'm so jealous of your thrifting skills! I just found your blog and you make me want to run away to NYC & be adorable & welldressed. Too bad I live out in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest.

Can I send you money to buy me clothes & shoes? Ahem, Manolo Blahniks for $14?!?!? Seriously!


Anonymous said...

I bow down to you and your thrifting skills. MANOLO'S for 13.99???!!!

You deserve a medal for finding those!!!