Tuesday, December 4, 2007


My living room is a mess (Look at that lovely Trash in the second picture)so I chose to take my pictures on this awesome ladder that goes to a roof I'm not allowed on.
I thought that I was having lunch with my mom so I got dressed up a little bit - not realizing it was like 2 degrees outside. Needless to say I went home in my ushering pants and not this little ensemble.

I am over the skirt already and it is going to my swap pile but I got it at Salvation Army for like $2.00 Sweater is also from Salvo. Tights were $1.99 at the Gap and Socks were $4 somewhere.
Boots = EBay.

If it's supposed to snow bad tomorrow so that may put a crimp in my early morning Salvation Army Excursion - but knowing me, probably not.


The Seeker said...

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Nykya said...

...I am so super-hyped rite now!!! I have heard of Warehouse sales but never had the pleasure of delving further into it and actually going. I am looking to attend the Housingsworks one that is in Jan. How should I prepare? Do u bring ur own bags? Than Heavens for U!!!