Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday November 29th

I blocked out my face on this picture because I looked scary,
But I still liked my outfit.
I got my American Apparel baby rib mini dress (yes I looked at the website)at last months warehouse sale and I am wearing it with a $3 t-shirt and $5 leggings. I have a sweater that was free after a random stoop sale and my wool warehouse sale coat.
Boots are vintage from EBay

I am holding my faux Louis Vuitton that I spilled diet coke in before I managed to get to work.



Nykya said...


How much did u cop ur faux louis for? I'm trying to figure out how much is too much for a fake.

ThriftyFashionista said...

This one was $60 from

indibindi said...

I love your coat. Is this vintage? How much did you score the coat for? Sandra

ThriftyFashionista said...

he coat is vintage - I got it at a $20 bag sale so I think it wound up costing me less than $5

Anonymous said...

The faux LV looks pretty good! Are the handles "oxidizing" - turning a darker honey color? Care to share the seller's name?

I can't believe the deals you score!!!