Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back in the Day...

Today I called my style "little boy chic"
The inspiration? A photoshoot from when I was 6 years old in front of a graffiti covered wall in Union Square. My mom and I were waiting for the bus and I had on sneakers, a polo shirt, and cords.

The picture is in a photo album at my parents house but I thought I would still share some flashes of my younger style.

Tank- Banana Republic
Sweater- Club Monaco
Cords- Club Monaco (Swap)
Sneakers- Spider man Nikes = <3

2nd Grade school photo - This is NOT what i wanted to wear. i think I wanted to wear some elaborate princess costume - or a dress my mom had made for a wedding. My mom won in the end. I had the skirt with suspenders in hot pink AND black - HOT!

Um...who doesn't love overall shorts?

I love this outfit...notice the toe socks doubling as pants.
But since I am wearing them over my sweats I guess they can be considered thigh high socks. I am so ahead of my time.
Look at my crown - I am a princess


Anonymous said...

you had the cutest outfits ever!!!

Wendy said...

I wish I was as stylish as you when I was younger. All I got to wear were boring kiddy tshirts and sweaters.

Cute outfit! And I've said this before but want to again, I really like your haircut.

Kat said...

haha "little boy chic" isnt it comfy though. the overalls pic is too cute!