Sunday, January 13, 2008

No Snow in NYC does NOT excite me

There is supposedly a snow storm coming to the city - I'll believe it when I see it.
It was supposed to start 2 hours ago. So far I've seen rain only.

I wanted to share my 3 favorite finds from yesterday

Vintage Whiting and Davis metal mesh purse
Vintage black dress that my sister found for me

Amazing long comfy gray knit sweater

Sometime in the next week when I get my act together (which I will have to do as we are having guests this week for my roommates birthday I'm going to post my closet because it is my pride and joy)

I also got an H&M coat, and a couple of nice tops.
The people are insane and because of this they are unsure if they will have the sale next month - I am crossing my fingers that they do.


Nykya said...

...Was there scandal @ the Sale that I missed. There were some organized shopping gangs there, but they seemed pretty harmless...I think? However I did get hit in the skull with a belt buckle while trying to look thru a bin of accesories. Just asked politely if the perp would respect my side of the bin...That's all;0)

ThriftyFashionista said...

I've been going since August and starting in November people just have started to get more and more violent. My friend (who is a guy) got punched in the face twice while trying to look in the bag bin. In the past another friend of mine had her cart emptied when she turned her back, people have passed out, they over stuff the bags and don't want to pay more money. The scream and curse and get generally nasty. I think this month got pretty bad with the stuff all over the floor (but that might have been before you came) The woman who manages the sale even left early she looked very upset., but she was screaming at people as soon as the doors opened because everyone goes for the bags and everyone was pushing people into the bins and such.

Nykya said...

...OH, well, that's not positive at all...Maybe it is best that I came later. This was my first, and I found it to be OK, but if you have to put a bouncer @ a charity sale, thats pretty disheartening. Is getting a vintage handbag that serious that we must engage in fisticuffs, theivery, and just overall bad behavior? I hope they don't cancel these sales, I just found em darnit!!!!

Nykya said...

...Oh and how do I go about showing you my finds? ;0)...

Wendy said...

Those are some of the best finds yet! The dress your sister found is stunning in every possible way. The purse is very vintage. Lucky lady!

ThriftyFashionista said...

You can send them to

Yay I'm excited!