Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Here is me on Valentines day at my friend Andy's show.
I wore an "old-school" H&M Black shirt dress (remember the brand LOGG?) with my black EBay boots and tights. The show was great!

Over the weekend I went to a confrence with my mom and sister. My sister wore this pink wig almost the whole weekend. The purple beret I am wearing is from the February Warehouse sale. I think I get a new color every time I go. It's my new favorite thing to collect.
Shirt is Free People from Salvation Army. I love the puffy sleeves.

Here I am yesterday at work. We got to stay in the theatre between shows for a pizza party.

Oversized Cardigan - American Apparel (from swap)
Tank - (from Salvation Army)
Black skinny Jeans -Gap (from Salvation Army)
Riding Boots-Ebay


Eli said...

its britney spears wig!

Wendy said...

Those black boots are so chic!