Sunday, March 23, 2008

Glimpse Into my World

The graffiti describes me perfectly

Happy Easter everyone!
Today I began my Spring Cleaning - in fact I am STILL cleaning - I just took a break to do a post.

I began with my always disorganized closet. I started with taking down my spring/summer clothes and making a swap/sell/and keep pile.
I then went through all the items I already have.
I've been collecting scarfs. Everytime I go to a bag sale I pick up 10 or so - some silk , some not - I just can't stop myself.

I've put up a couple of scarf lots on EBay but I wind up keeping a lot of them just because I am attracted to the patterns or colors.
One of my News Years fashion resolutions was to find a way to wear a scarf every day.
I think I've found the way!

My wrist!
I'm going to tie a different scarf to my wrist everyday according to my outfit!
I think it adds that little extra something and I love it!

To prepare for my fashion adventure I took all my scarfs out of the trunk they were in (that was the other problem, I could never see what I had) and tied them to a hanger. I am pleased with my progress.

Here is a look at My bags (not even all of them) and my progress with my closet thus far (minus Jeans and dresses - which live on a garment rack in my bedroom.


The New Look said...

That's a lot of clothes.I kind of want to find an alexander mcqueen skull print skarf.

Anonymous said...

always cute clothes:)

Wendy said...

I want your bag collection!

Reggie said...

wow, you have some amazing clothes and bags and scarfs!

wanna give some stuff to me?

lol i'm totally kidding...
unless u want to!


Reggie said...

man that makes me wanna come to NYC!!!
We can do an online clothing exchange!!! lol i wish that would work!
o by the way...i'm gonna link you, cause ur cool!


Lolita Loco said...

hehe, that looks a bit like my shoes-bags-and-scarves wardrobe.

Yeah...I have to use an entire wardrobe just for those things to! =)