Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Simple and Lovely

I look like I'm cold in this picture.
That's because I am.
Check out my hair blowing in the wind....that is so rock star.
I loved my outfit today.
I am so comfortable and I felt very...light and airy.
I am obsessed with my Mens Hanes t-shirts.
Beren picked out my arm scarf for the day and I love it.
For some reason the arm scarf makes me feel a little bit Bad-ass - is that weird?

James Jeans- Warehouse Sale
Hanes T-shirt - Kmart
Guess Cardigan- Salvation Army
Scarf - I have no idea but probably the Warehouse Sale


Anonymous said...

you do put together such hip outfits. i wish i could see the potential in thrift store finds. i have pieces from thrift stores because my mom will get things for me. but when i go in i see nothing i like. but i have liked everything you have put together. i think it is a state of mind i just will not buy anything that someone has worn already. hopefully by following your blog i could get some inspiration to get past this hang up because i am missing out on some great finds :)

Reggie said...

i love the boots!
really i love it all!
very rockstar!


The New Look said...

I like those boots

heather said...

mens plain tees don't suck that's for sure

Sharonrosepixie said...

Hi there! I love your blog and see you love thrift (we call them charity) shops-I would love it if you view my blog at and my website

I have some great recommended reads and love getting bargains from the boot sales and charity shops! Please add me to your blog list and i will do likewise!

Dollfaced Rebel said...

You have officially made me want those hanes v-necks!!! With my luck I will never be able to find them