Friday, March 7, 2008

Looking Forward to a Heavenly Saturday

I am selling that over sized Owl necklace in my EBay store.
It's quite amazing but just too heavy for me.
Oh, and I dyed my hair black.
And I love it.

Tomorrow is The Housingworks Warehouse sale...My favorite day of the month! and this month I have a ride! In a car! Now I can can even MORE stuff then I need!
This time I will actually try to show you guys pictures of all my goodies!

Jeans- Salvation Army
Forever21 shirt- Warehouse Sale
H&M Vest- Clothing Swap


AntiVirus said...
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Wendy said...

The owl necklace is so cute. I think my best friend has the exact one but in copper.

Anonymous said...

i love the necklace!!!! where can i get someting like this! ur outfit today's exactly what i'de love to wear to a party next saturday! i'm from australia btw..

Meghann said...

You can Buy the Owl necklace here:
I am selling it! :)