Monday, March 10, 2008

My Goodies, My Goodies, not my Goodies....

Here is my booty from Saturday's Warehouse Sale. I got one bag for Bye Bye Birdie, One bag for Ebay, and one bag for me.
I finally got a faux fur jacket with a hood - hmm just in time for Spring right?

Here is my favorite finds from the day.

1. Vintage Turquoise bag
2. Red L.A.M.B wife beater that says Love
3. Soft J Crew Western type button down
4. Vintage Beaded hat thingy (Cloche?)

I almost got assaulted at the bag bin and for some reason there were no shoes :(. But it's okay. The warehouse sale gives me a chance to get some costume stuff that I wouldn't normally buy. I love to play dress up!

My outfit for today!
White Hanes t-shirt - Kmart
Jeans- Salvation Army
Mexx sweater - Salvation Army
Brown Vintage Boots- Savers
Necklace -EBay
Headband - H&M

I love these Hanes t-shirts.
I am obsessed. I want to do a post soon on my basics. These will def. be on the list.


Akinogal said...

See Here

Camilla said...

You're looking cute as always :)

Wendy said...

The turquoise bag is so amazing!