Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Tuesday

I love sweet tea from McDonalds.
I also love this shirt
I also love my new Old Navy Gladiator Sandals
And I love Danielle for taking this picture

Anyone want to be my new photographer?

Here is one of me on TONY night on my friends roof - Not the most flattering picture but I freaking love these jeans.

Also for all you NYC ladies there is a clothing Swap this Sunday June 22nd @ 4:00pm. Drop me a line at if you would like me to forward you the evite!


Nykya said...

...I love Mc D's sweet tea too, just don't let them forget the lemon.;0) Bless u for braveness to tackle the colored denim trend, I don't have the nerve. Do u still go to Housing Works by-the-pound store? I haven't seen it mentioned in a bit.

Meghann said...

They stopped having them! Then they opened up a By The Pound Store and closed it after a week.
I am still annoyed about it.