Friday, June 20, 2008

What are My Photography Options?

I enjoyed my Wednesday outfit. My friend Adam said I looked "very New York" I still am not sure what that means - I think it's the scarf.

Forever21 Jeans -Salvation Army
Shirt-Salvation Army
Scarf- Bag Sale
Bracelet -Savers

My favorite Biatch Jen took this picture of me today in Front of Radio City Music Hall. I love it! The Purple tube top I am wearing was an American Apparel Dress I cut in half -now I have a shirt and a skirt!

Tube top- DIY American Apparel
Hoodie - ThriftON! Swap
Earnest Sewn Jeans (I cut these into shorts) -Salvation Army
Marc Jacobs Flip Flops -$11
LeSportSac Bag - Salvation Army -$3


kat said...

I only recently found your blog but I'm waiting for the picture of the Chanel dress!!!

P.S. I was inspired by you and stepped into my first Salvation Army today (Brooklyn Heights). I spent a while there but didn't find anything amazing.
- Pair of reaaaally old faded 7FAM's $4.99
- Pair of Earl Jeans $4
- Cute nautical Izod sweater $2.99
- and my biggest find: Authentic Marc Jacobs kitten pumps $2.50
The pumps are pretty banged up but they're auth MJ (not even the cheaper MbMJ) and still really cute so I'm pretty happy.
Also found a pair of men's John Varvatos Jeans in really good shape but had no use for them.

kat said...

Oh by the way
I already have two pairs of Levi's cutoffs but I want more. I was actually looking for old Levi's to cut up but couldn't find any with the right cut. (I like my cutoffs cuffed.) Any suggestions?

Fashion Ivy said...

Great blog. Exchange links?