Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Show Days....

Today between shows at Mel Brook's New Musical Young Frankenstein (That's the full offcial title folks...) Adam and I went downtown to St. Marks place so I could find some bracelets that are on my fall wish list (more on that later - After which we ate and made a much nessacary Starbucks run (I I ever did a FAQ you would find out I am addicted to coffee)

When: Wednesday 5:30 pm
Where: Union Square, NYC under some big weird sculpture thingy (p.s. It was windy)
What: Wonder Woman t-shirt -Housing Works By the Pound Store
Vintage Wrangler Jeans -Beacon's Closet (Store Trade)
Yellow Flipflops -Payless $9.99
Kooba Bag - Housingworks Warehouse Sale

Photo Credit: Adam Sarsfield

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WendyB said...

Love your fringed bag.