Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Is the best day!

It is now officially Wednesday here on the east coast, and really there is no better day to make my first post on my new blog.

I am a shopping whore, but...I am always looking for a deal.

This brings us to the topic at hand: Wednesdays are 50% off at the Salvation Army. I prefer the Salvation Army thrift store in Williamsburg. Last week I scored a pair of Seven for All Mankind Jeans (In my size!) for $3.00.
Past finds have included:

+A BCBG Pink Satin Marylin Monroe-esq Dress-$9.99
+Earnest Sewn Jeans-$5.99
+Kenneth Cole Leather ankle boots-$7.99

I can only imagine what goodies tomorrow will bring.

In this blog I will post about upcoming swaps/sales/bargains/freemeets/etc
I will also post some of my favorite finds.

I believe in investing in your clothes and accessories...esp when purchasing a classic piece.

Just last week I purchased my first Louie Vuitton on EBay for $150! A steal!
I shall post pics when it arrives!

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nadia said...

hey girl, its 50% off at every salvation army?

nadia said...

p.s. good work making a blog :)