Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whoa Baby...

Pictures to come soon...
But oh boy did I hit the motherload today.

This morning I took my weekly trek to the Salvation Army in Williamsburg.
I snagged:

+Beautiful Forever 21 Dress-$2.99
+Juicy Couture Velour Sweats-$3.99
+Ashley Stewart White Button up for my mommy-$2.00
+Banana Republic Jeans-$2.50
+Hugo Boss Button up for my boyfriend-$2.00
+Nike gym top-$1.99

Later, I went to the Hells Kitchen Salvation Army on 46th street between 10th and 11th.
My god it's as big as a wharehouse!
I was on a tight schedule but after picking up a brand newUrban Outfitters Ipod case ($1) and a brand new Sheisedio makeup bag ($0.50) I find behind the glass case at the register a beautiful pink MARC JACOBS Anouk bag.
It looks like this:

It has a couple of pen marks but it retails for $695.00
I got it for: $9.99!!!!!

I do plan to put this baby up on ebay. it's just not me...besides My Vintage Louis Vuitton came in the mail today.
I bought this bag for $160...they retail for about $650...this one I got on ebay from a brand new seller.
It looks like it has been sitting in a basement for years collecting dust!
I just gave it a cleaning and believe you me, pictures will be posted soon.

I'm in Love!

I have no thrifting planned for tomorrow, but Loren, one of my fellow swap buddies did tell me about a store called "junk" in Williamsburg...I may have to go check it out before the week is through....hmmmm.

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